What is Tuebor?

Tuebor is an honor-pledge commitment to invest in at least one State of Michigan-based business per year.

What is the goal of Tuebor?

The more Michigan leaders support Michigan founders, the more Michigan leaders we’ll have. Tuebor’s success will mean the State of Michigan will have more individual venture capital investors than anywhere else on earth.

Are there fees / costs associated with Tuebor?

No, Tuebor is an honor pledge. Tuebor does not collect fees and does not in any way enter in the flow of money when you make an investment. Individuals make their own investments independently; Tuebor does not make investment recommendations and is not an investment advisor.

How much money do I need to make per investment?

There is no minimum dollar amount to make the Tuebor pledge, just that you commit to making at least one investment in a State of Michigan-based business per year. An individual making an investment of $1,000 is the ‘same’ as someone investing $1,000,000. Even buying one share of stock in a Michigan business counts.

How do I make the pledge?

Start now. Make an investment in a Michigan business during this calendar year and then show the world you’ve made the Tuebor honor pledge, aka supporting ‘Michigan’s fifth sports team.’